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invisible air conditioning, maximum environmental comfort
Metal panels for false ceilings and radiant walls are designed according to a principle of low thermal inertia, which combines energy saving with a high level of comfort, both for heating and cooling.
The radiant ceiling or wall can be an alternative to underfloor heating or a complementary element in the energy requirements. The association with CBI Europe Ufad systems allows further system integration with primary air treatment, dehumidification and part of the summer heat load.
The CBI Europe technical office provides the necessary support for the design of hi-tech integrated air conditioning systems. 
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public spaces halls, shopping centers, banks, museums, cinemas, theaters, convention centers, swimming pools, gyms, stores.
workplaces offices, corridors, meeting rooms, conference centers, common areas, television studios, data processing centers.
transport subways, airports, train stations, truck stops, gas stations and refueling.
education schools, libraries, universities, bookstores.
hospitality hotels, restaurants, wineries, meeting rooms, yoga studios.
healthcare outpatient clinics, doctors' offices, hospitals.
· Ease of cleaning and maintenance.
· Personalised comfort in all seasons.
· CBI Europe assistance for the design of installations.
· Optimisation and energy saving.
· Total inspectability.
· 100% made in Italy.


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sistemi radianti
Radiant Systems
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