Wood Ceilings
noise control and elegant interior design.

Integrated system of wood suspended ceilings and wall claddings, dedicated to all those who demand a functional but welcoming environment in which to work. Wood systems combine refined elegance with excellent technical and offer the possibility to choose the best fit according to the aesthetic and acoustic requirements of each environment.

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CBI Europe’s Wood Ceilings and Coverings systems are made up of modular elements in soundproof MDF (medium density fibreboard), panels, strips or grilles, and suspended by steel support structures. The space (technical area) that is created between the panel and the ceiling or the wall (on which the structure rests) is used to accommodate the plumbing and electrical wiring, and is 100% inspectable.
The visible perforations and slots form intersections, with nonwoven fabric backing, which provide different and high levels of sound absorption depending on the needs of each environment. They are particularly suitable for auditoriums, theatres, airports, convention centres, conference halls, prestigious offices, hotels, restaurants, and in any environment where sophisticated elegance is combined with a better acoustic performance.

The modular elements are standard or custom made, resistant, durable, easy to handle, simple and quick to install, inspected, certified, eco-friendly and designed for new generation interiors.
Thanks to aesthetic research and advanced technology, our products provide many benefits over traditional systems:

› Achieving flexible, comfortable, contemporary and socially responsible interiors
› Obtaining points for LEED certification
› Soundproofed environments
› Speeding up construction
› Containing costs of labour and maintenance
› Structures and systems 100% inspectable
› Integration with advanced climate control, domotics and lighting
› Precise budgeting

The wide range of products and finishes available gives customers the ability to consolidate the shipment thus lowering the costs of transport.
The different products available, the wide range of colours and perforation patterns offer the designer the possibility to choose the best fit according to the technical, aesthetic and acoustic requirements of each environment.

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Sistema Edilizia Perugia, Perugia
Municipality of Livorno, Livorno
Conad, Pescara
Coop, Terni
Elica, Fabriano
Hotel Le Grotte, Genga
Istituto Patriarcale del Vaticano, Venezia
Liceo Pascal dance room, Pompei
Nuova stazione Tiburtina, Roma _ Italy, Nuova stazione Tiburtina
Nuovo Auditorium, Camposanpiero
Officine Garibaldi of Pisa, Pisa
Teatro Acca, Montella
Villa Rugani, Siena
Villaggio Olimpico Sestriere, Torino
Conad hypermarket, Ancona
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