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  • Limitless design.

    CBI Europe's suspended ceilings and metal cladding are made up of standard or made-to-measure modular elements - panels, strips, baffles, grilles, expanded metal mesh - that are safe, resistant, durable, quick to install, can be inspected, certified and eco-sustainable.
    They are fire and moisture resistant, washable, free of toxic materials and, finished with fungicidal and antibacterial paints, can also be used in sterile environments such as canteens and hospitals.

    Ideal for an effective acoustic correction of environments, the metal false ceiling systems fit into any environment thanks to architectural elements of great aesthetic and functional versatility, customizable in terms of type, size, holes and finishes and integrable with CBI Europe radiant systems.

    CBI Europe continuously updates and proposes advanced solutions, in line with the requests of the market and of designers all over the world.  


    Large public spaces halls, shopping centers, banks, museums, cinemas, theaters, convention centers, swimming pools, gyms, stores.
    Workplaces offices, corridors, meeting rooms, conference centers, common areas, television studios, data processing centers.
    Transport subways, airports, train stations, truck stops, gas stations and refueling.
    Education schools, libraries, universities, bookstores.
    Hospitality hotels, restaurants, wineries, meeting rooms, yoga studios.
    Healthcare outpatient clinics, doctors' offices, hospitals, sterile areas.


    · Acoustic correction of environments.
    · Comfortable, contemporary, eco-sustainable environments.
    · Infinite design possibilities.
    · Anti-seismic and fire safety.
    · EPD and Leed certification.
    · Speed of delivery and installation.
    · Economy of labor and maintenance.
    · 100% serviceability of systems.
    · Integration with air conditioning and home automation systems.

Aquatics Center, Baku
CPF Costruzioni SPA, Firenze
Elerico Home, Recanati _ Italy, Elerico Home
Girona University, Girona
Hotel Hilton, Tallin
Instituto de EnseƱanza Ies Reus, Tarragona
International Airport, Valencia
International Airport, Riga
Liomatic, Rieti
Mallorca Hospital, Palma de Mallorca
New line 9 metro, Barcelona
Riga Forest School, Riga
Roccheggiani Care For Air, Camerano
Shopping center Molas, Kaunas
Tunis Carthage International Airport, Tunis
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