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The future is now. CBI Europe integrated solutions based on advanced technologies, materials research, international comparisons, Italian style and creativity for high-quality work environments: where customized well-being generates high performance.

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The office is an organised work environment where information is received and processed, and purely conceptual activities are carried out; an area, therefore, reserved for cognitive/decision-making activities rather than for developing manual skills. Recent studies have shown that operator performance is strictly related to the environment where the work is conducted, and have highlighted several risk factors: micro-climate, air quality, exposure to noise, unsuitable illumination and viewing conditions, prolonged seated posture, injury, risk of allergies - from bacteria, carbonless copy paper, biological agents, etc.-, psycho-physical stress, exposure to biological agents or electromagnetic fields, passive smoking or chemical substances of various origin.
The resulting effects - sick building syndrome, mental and visual strain, etc.- cause discomfort and, consequently, poor performance.
The solution lies in designing work environments with minimal exposure to risk factors or re-adapting existing environments, by optimising the micro-climate, acoustics, environmental illumination and ergonomics of the workplace.
Although the current regulations provide detailed indications concerning environmental control of buildings, these are rather general (the traditional ‘one-size fits all’approach).
With over 30 years experience in 70 countries worldwide, CBI EUROPE - in line with recent studies conducted by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and in collaboration with the Urban Land Institute (ULI) - adopts a more evolved approach in designing its products, whereby personal spaces are controlled autonomously - which translates into effective, eco-sustainable and socially responsible solutions.
This approach is based on advanced technologies, materials research, international comparisons, Italian style and creativity.
Personally controlling our surroundings generates comfort, well-being and high performance.


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